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EMF Challenges

Ultimately, EMF can pose challenges for several reasons, particularly human exposure, electronic equipment performance degradation and safety issues from National Electric Code (NEC) violations.

First, there is general concern regarding possible health effects associated with human exposure to EMF. While WDR Electromagnetics’ personnel do not possess medical expertise, the staff maintains that substantial unanswered questions regarding EMF and human health abound.

The firm believes that people should be prudent and have straightforward, comprehensive information with which to make informed decisions regarding this topic. There is a plethora of information regarding EMF on the Internet and elsewhere for people to formulate their own opinions. For example, such respected groups as the World Health Organization, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, and the Federal Communications Commission, along with various scientific journals, all provide valuable input on this complex topic.

The second primary issue that EMF poses is in commercial settings and is specific to interference with sensitive electronic equipment, or EMI. Performance degradation will result from elevated ambient AC magnetic fields. Examples of such equipment needing protection includes a wide array of medical diagnostic tools, such as EKGs and ultrasound scanning equipment, as well as high precision robotic systems and sensitive scopes like SEM and TEM electron microscopes used in research labs. This will continue to become a growing concern as next generation electronic equipment continues to rely on components that need ultra-quiet environments. WDR’s strong background in electronics gives our clients reassurance that their substantial investments in this equipment will be protected.

Additionally, our team regularly sees considerable amounts of (NEC) violations due to sloppy electrical work. Some of which are due to unbalanced and improperly wired feeders and branch circuits.  These violations pose fire and shock hazards for both the occupant and the technician/maintenance staff doing repairs.  We are highly skilled in correcting electrical errors and extremely adept at offering solutions in a timely manner with little to no downtime for our clients.

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